The SYM Story

Hello there! Have we met yet?
My name is Deanndra (@_sincerelydea) founder of STATE YOUR MOOD!

What inspired me to create STATE YOUR MOOD?

In my teens, I often felt that I had no voice. I struggled to express my emotions as well as my interests (video games and anime). So yeah I was that kid that got bullied for a lot of things when it came down to who I was. I would always get told, “oh that’s for boys”. So all of that convinced me that I didn’t matter. So yes I did what most would do in that situation, change who I was to be accepted. Just To fit in.

 When I reached adulthood, I still had problems expressing my emotions. But one day I sat down and asked myself, "Why do I treat myself this way?". As soon as I dealt with my pain, I made the decision to stop holding my feelings inside and find myself again. After that day, I began to assert myself and demanded the respect I, including you, deserved.

Even though I still believe I am on the journey of fully finding my voice and expressing who I am, I created STATE YOUR MOOD in March 2018. Through my brand, I was able to express my identity through various products. My goal is to help anyone who, like me, struggles to find their voice, keep it and find success.

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